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About our pharmacy team

Our owners and pharmacists Katie McNamara, Richard Lennon and Sam Lane have over 40 years’ experience in community pharmacy and are available to talk with you about your family’s healthcare needs. Our vision is to be “the first choice for primary healthcare in our community”. We see the pharmacy as a triage point for community health and the four important areas listed above are our focus.

  • Educating our community about the different healthcare issues and how our pharmacists can play their part in keeping you and your family healthy
  • Diagnosing conditions in the pharmacy and using screening devices at home that help us to better understand your healthcare needs
  • Treating acute conditions in the pharmacy with solutions including advice, programs, medicine, or possibly further intervention by your doctor
  • Helping people Managing chronic or long term conditions where there is a combination of medicine, health professionals, and complex treatment


Staying healthy is vital if you are to make the most out of each day. We will help to explain how the pharmacy can play its part in helping to keep you and your family healthy. Our website describes many of our services and the conditions that we can treat. We will explain all the common ailments and can keep you informed of topical community health issues as they happen.

To understand more about your family’s health needs your first choice should be Davey Street Discount Pharmacy so come and speak with one of our pharmacists today.


Pharmacists are trained and qualified to diagnose a wide range of minor health conditions common in our community. By gathering a detailed history of symptoms and events we can diagnose many conditions for you and your family. From there we can offer general advice, medications where appropriate, or if necessary refer you on to your doctor or other health professionals for further advice. Not sure if it’s hay fever or a cold? Head lice or dandruff? Conjunctivitis or allergies? Our pharmacists can help you manage common conditions like these, and more, and we can help you find the answers.

Our pharmacists can diagnose a wide variety of minor health conditions so come and talk with them today and make your first choice for healthcare Davey Street Discount Pharmacy.


Finding the right treatment for your family’s health needs can at times be confusing. Our Pharmacists can diagnose your condition and will identify the most effective and safe treatment and/or medication, whilst considering your needs, other medical conditions and possible drug interactions. Although treatment may often include medications it can also mean lifestyle changes or just general advice to get you feeling better.

When looking for the right treatment for your primary healthcare make your first choice Davey Street Discount Pharmacy.


At Davey Street Discount Pharmacy we can help you and your family to manage your ongoing healthcare needs. Many conditions can include longer term medication regimes, further intervention by your doctor, lifestyle changes, and possibly in home testing and recording of health information and more. Improving the management of medical conditions may be as simple as changing your soap or it could be a complete overhaul of your medications, either way at Davey Street Discount Pharmacy we can help guide you every step of the way. Just some of our great services include:

  • MedsChecks – we can help you to get the most out of your medications by checking you are taking them at the right time, in the right way, and providing you with a comprehensive written summary of all your medications
  • Medication Packs – are you are looking for a simpler way to manage your medications Webster-paks are a great option to ensure you take the right medicine at the right time
  • Free blood pressure checks
  • Weight loss advice and BMI measurements
  • Quit smoking guidance and products
  • Continence advice and aids
  • Diabetic advice and blood glucose monitors
  • Independent Living equipment and devices
  • Annual Flu vaccination clinic

Managing long term healthcare can, at times, be daunting but our pharmacists can help you so make your first choice Davey Street Discount Pharmacy.

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